5 Telemedicine “WINS”- Here’s To You!

We have to start by saying “thank you”. In June, we asked if you would help us to advocate for Telemedicine so that we could continue to offer it to our families. You went above and beyond in helping us!

We have been grateful for the resource of Telemedicine. Using it has helped to better serve our families from wherever they find themselves- at home or on the go! Welcome to the 21st Century House Call!

Telehealth Payments at Parity:

“The General Assembly extended patient protections by ensuring access to care via telehealth by passing legislation to ensure payment parity until April of 2022. Telehealth Payment Parity is a huge win for doctors and patients across Tennessee, as now patients can engage doctors via electronic means and know their insurance will bill on par with in-person visits. The legislation requires payers to cover remote patient monitoring services if the same service is covered by Medicare, with the reimbursement amount to be negotiated by the payer and the provider.”

What does that mean?

We will be able to continue to offer Telemedicine! Insurance companies will be required to cover Telemedicine visits the same as they would an in-office visit. We see this as a great victory for Compass Pediatrics as it allows us to provide unique and quality care to our families.

5 Telemedicine Wins

We have been able to help patients from the comfort of their own home since we began offering Telemedicine. There have been five major categories that we have been able to best serve our patients. Those include the following:

  1. Behavioral Health. This includes anxiety, ADHD, depression, and other behavioral health consults.
  2. Rashes. This has been an excellent resource to evaluate all types of rashes, poison ivy, and bug bites.
  3. Trauma. We have been able to assess everything from burns to bruises.
  4. COVID Concerns. It can be hard to know what the ‘right’ decision its. We have been able to assess concerns with COVID and facilitate testing if needed!
  5. Parent Conferences. We have loved being able to meet our parents literally where they are for this. As concerns about your children’s care or behavior have come-up, we have been able to help come up with a course of action to help provide the care your child needs!

Using telemedicine has helped us to make a plan of action with our parents. Sometimes this includes at-home care, picking up medicine from the pharmacy, or if needed, an office or ER visit. We are grateful for YOU and the part you have played in making this happen. Passing this into law was a HUGE win as your healthcare provider to be able to provide continuity of care. Thank you. Thank you for helping to make a difference in the care that doctors across Tennessee will be able to provide. We look forward to seeing you soon. And if you have not tried a visit via Telemedicine, we would be happy to meet you there!