Is The COVID Vaccine Safe?

A safe and effective vaccine in less than a year? Is it really possible or were shortcuts taken? Or maybe it’s like how Steve Jobs was making computers in his garage and all suddenly created the Apple company. Or maybe it’s like how Chris Stapleton went from obscurity to center stage. Pick your example–all three of these were decades in the making.

From what I’ve observed, it appears too many people believe the COVID19 vaccine was crafted behind closed doors and in the shadows of the obscure and hidden chambers of the unethical and evil big pharmaceutical companies. In these hidden halls, lab tech marionettes controlled by Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci worked to create a vaccine that would surely have secret effects. Fearful “sheeple” would be secretly harmed, while the warriors would stand up against this conspiracy designed to destroy humankind.

While this story-line makes for thrilling and imaginative beliefs (and social media posts), it could not be further from the truth. Mark Denison, MD, is one of the 20 most knowledgeable people in the world about coronaviruses. He has been studying them for over 30 years. His laboratory is responsible for the antiviral discovery now named “Remdesivir” by Gilead. I’m personally thankful for his warnings in the last CME lecture I attended in person at the end of February 2020. Prophetically, he understood the social consequences could be as bad or worse than the medical consequences from COVID and he knew the medical effects were going to be severe.

While I would not race an electric sports car assembled by a car enthusiast neighbor on the interstate, if my neighbor was Elon Musk I would absolutely jump in the Tesla. Musk’s knowledge and expertise in technology are proven. Similarly, Mark Denison, is that neighbor who knows and understands COVID19 as well as anyone in the world. If there is one person I as a pediatrician would turn to to get all the correct information about this COVID vaccine, it is Mark Denison.

For those interested in learning from one of the most knowledgeable experts in the realm of Infectious Diseases, particularly coronavirus, buckle up. I am attaching a video for you and although it is long, I am 100% certain it will answer questions you have had. For me, the best part starts around 33:00.

Click here for Dr. Mark Denison’s answers to your Coronavirus questions! And if you’ve read this far, please get the COVID19 vaccine the first chance you get. I did.

Scott Huitink, MD FAAP

Dr. Scott Huitink loves being a Pediatrician and strives to support parents in the care of their children by encouraging, educating, and providing them with up-to-date medical expertise. His passion to provide high quality, personable, pediatric care can be seen in his face-to-face visits with children, his insights provided through his Facebook Page–“Compass Peds”, and his interest in improving the well-being of the community around him. Dr. Huitink has a wide array of experience in the care of children from newborns to young adults and has been instrumental in the education and implementation of clinical standards. He is Board Certified in Pediatrics and is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and can be found seeing patients in the Nashville area at Compass Pediatrics.