Speak Fluent Insurance with Compass Pediatrics

The language of insurance can seem like trudging through muddy waters.
When applying for health insurance, can determining your benefits feel confusing? Furthermore, what does your policy look like when it is put into action?

We have gathered some resources for you that we hope will be a guide to better understanding the world of health insurance. First, is a resource from our website explaining many of the terms you may hear when it comes to your plan as well as the function of those terms. Here, you will find an explanation of the costs and responsibilities you many have, a description of what is included in your child’s well check, the EOB, and a glossary. We LOVE this resource and the detail that it includes as it levels the “playing field” when it comes to understanding your benefits and the costs that may come with your visits!

Next, we receive many questions about bills after well visits. Most often, a routine well visit is completely covered by your insurance plan. However, there are MANY different insurance plans that have MANY different negotiated contracts and benefit plans. Our two pieces of advice:

As a service of convenience to our families, we are happy to offer additional services at their routine well visits. However, it is important to know that your insurance plan views this as a separate visit, which may include additional costs. This article by the American Academy of Pediatrics further explains why you may receive a bill following your child’s retina well-visit.

Article: Why Did I Receive A Bill From Compass Pediatrics?

Lastly, know that our billing team is happy to answer your questions about charges on your child’s account. We know that sometimes these things can be difficult to understand and we are happy to help! We hope that the above information can serve as an educational tool to better understanding your health insurance!