The Doctor Is In: The History of Vaccines

Welcome to The Doctor Is In! Today, Dr. Huitink is talking about the history of vaccines and the people who made them! This segment has a bit more research involved. We are excited for you to learn and discover alongside us!

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  1. Who was Edward Jenner?
  2. What did Edward Jenner discover?
  3. What did Ben Franklin say about Edward Jenner?
  4. Who was Louis Pasteur?
  5. Can you use 3 words to describe Louis Pasteur?
  6. How did Louis Pasteur change the world?

Video: The History of Vaccines

Video: How Vaccines Work

Today, we asked you to do a lot of research. We want to hear what you have learned! So let’s see you film your own segment from what you learned with us this week!

Here is a recap for you:

This week, we learned about viruses vs. bacteria, specific viruses and how they spread, and the history of vaccines and how they protect us from diseases.

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