Recommended Resources

There are thousands of resources on parenting and development but we’ve chosen some of our favorites to help guide you no matter your child’s age.

Recommended Websites — Bookmark this now, you’ll thank us! There is no better website covering childhood development, sickness, pediatric news, treatment guidelines, etc., with articles, audio files, and videos edited and written with parents as the audience. From the AAP, this is where to start when you don’t know where to go for pediatric medical information. — Nemours Children’s Hospital’s very complete website for pediatric medical information. A good site to consider when wanting parent, teen, or kid specific audience information. — Michigan’s CS Mott Children’s hospital has a plethora of information. I frequently reference their information on babies and development. Another robust website for an encyclopedia of pediatric educational resources. — Super impressive vaccine information website from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. This vaccine information is sourced by medical experts and scientists who have dedicated their lives to decreasing illness, infection and disease through vaccines. If you want an in-depth education about vaccines, this website is for you. — Traveling and want to know what health risks exist? Concerned about a concussion? Want to learn more about immunizations, antibiotic resistance, age-appropriate dietary recommendations? This website is so robust there isn’t much that cannot be found here. — Uncertain about Tennessee’s car seat laws? Click here and you will no longer be uncertain., — Two of the best websites for information on ADD/ADHD. — Can’t keep up with your child’s taste in music, video games, books or movies? Uncertain if what they’re influenced by is something that could be harmful? This website is the most complete source of reviews to help guide your parental influence in a world of media. — Technology Tuesdays are a great way to find out about the pulse of technology in teens. If you get a chance to hear these people speak, take it. You are investing your time into your kids by learning from them.

Suggested Reading

Baby 411 Ari Brown– Formatted by subject matter and styled like a handbook, Dr. Brown’s writing style is informative and entertaining. An easy to use reference book for the parent who wants to get information quick.

What to Do the First Year Heidi Murkoff– Dr. Murkoff has set the bar very high with this exhaustive volume on everything in a child’s first year. A true standard in recommended pediatric books.

The Happiest Baby on the Block Harvey Karp– Dr. Karp’s tips on calming a sleeping baby are practical and research based. Great information and available in a video format (which I recommend over the book).

1, 2, 3 Magic Tom Phelan– Ever have trouble getting your kids to listen and respond? Dr. Phelan’s standard for how to handle the routine challenges of children listening and responding has become a practical standard in pediatric behavioral management.

The Care and Keeping of You Valerie Schaefer– Approachable, accurate, and well-recieved by parents and pre-teen girls alike, this book addresses the physical changes and aspects of sexuality as a girl goes through puberty.

Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys Cara Natterson–The boys version of The Care and Keeping of You. An excellent resource for parents addressing the pubertal changes in boys.

Holy Bible— Ancient wisdom that is timeless in value. “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

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